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Our Services

Business Consulting

noecon will quickly develop a tailor-made and sustainable concept based on the assessment of the situation, followed by a consistent operational implementation in order to immediately ensure short-term operational improvement. Above all, we support medium-sized companies in improving their earnings.

Our portfolio for long-term business development ranges from strategic industrial concepts, technology and investment strategies to their operational implementation. Our strategy portfolio aims at your sustainable progress as well as your positive development of your costs and revenues. This means that our knowledge will initiate your sustainable business success.

Short-term operational improvements

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  • Structural changes
  • Immediate measures to secure the liquidity / earnings situation
  • Manage business succession or transfer of business
  • Support for investment and growth
  • Analysis and mitigation of vulnerabilities and risks

Long-term business development

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  • Creating strategic industrial concepts
  • Develop technology and investment strategies for your strategic success
  • Systematic development of market and competitive strategies related to your environment



Project Management

We have decades of experience in project management and offer a wide range of project management services for the planning and execution of projects of medium-sized companies and as well industrial companies.

Our service portfolio ranges from the setup and operation of Project Management Offices (PMO), data analysis and processing all the way to the management to consultation of projects during all phases of a project.

Project lead

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  • Leading projects and project teams
  • Project integration into the company's management system
  • Budget planning and controlling

Project Management Consulting

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  • Design and implementation of Project Management systems
  • Implementation of consulting projects with strict project management
  • Creating Project Management manuals
  • Optimization of existing Project Management systems

Project Management Office (PMO)

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  • Scheduling
  • Resource & budget management
  • Risk management
  • Action tracking
  • Reporting and controlling project performance indicators

Data collection and analysis

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  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Data processing statistics
  • Preparation of reports / presentations



Engineering Services

Founded by professionals with decades of industrial and engineering experience, noecon  specializes in optimized engineering solutions.

We provide services for the management of technical processes, research and development as well as services to improve your capacities. A further core competency is 3D Scanning.


(Technical) Product development

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  • 3D CAD modeling at CATIA V5, Solidworks etc.
  • Preparation of 3D models and drawings of single parts and assemblies
  • Modelling of added layer manufacturing parts
  • Design-related services in all product development phases
  • Static consulting and tolerance studies
  • Technical documentation

Process optimization

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  • Ensuring efficient production and a competitive infrastructure (e.g. manufacturing concepts, maintenance, material flow optimization, quality management, production startup)
  • Automation and productivity improvements
  • Digitization (Industry 4.0)

3D Scanning

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  • Digital mock-up of physical industrial objects through CAD modeling
  • Optimization and also rehabilitation of the objects
  • Quickly create 3D images to discover possible faults or damages quite early